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    Locally owned and independent, we take care of all VA, Social Security and Insurance filing and assignment.

    Tri County Crematory (pictured), the only crematory in Jackson County

  • Memorials

    We'll help you create a beautiful, custom memorial that tells the story of your loved one's life in a way you and your family will treasure forever.

voss exterior frontVoss Funeral Service is the premier funeral service provider in Jackson County and the surrounding area. We understand the emotional and time consuming demands placed upon families at the loss of a loved one. Our understanding and compassionate staff are dedicated to assist you. Our family owned business can support the community directly without concern of corporate approval or control. In a day when many funeral homes are owned by huge conglomerates that have no regard for community involvement, we are committed to maintaining family ownership. This enables us to support and remain active in the communities we serve.

Planning Ahead

We’ll help you plan your funeral before it’s needed, helping you relieve your loved ones from a future burden. Click here to learn more or plan online now.

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