COVID-19 Response

Update: The Jackson County Health Officer has asked us to limit gatherings to more than 10 people until further notice.

Voss & Sons Funeral Service remains committed, prepared and available 24/7 to safely care for the families we serve for the Covid-19 pandemic. Whenever possible we will continue to enable families to participate in the rituals and services that are most important to them. The health and safety of our families and staff is at the forefront of what we do as a funeral home and family.

In accordance with the CDC’s recommendations for large events and mass gatherings, for the next 8 weeks, Voss & Sons will be limiting attendance at funeral visitations and services to no more than 10 people, including immediate family and officiants. We will be working with our families to honor their loved ones and where appropriate, we will be incorporating technology to better involve other family and friends in the community.

One of many measures we are implementing instructs our staff to NOT shake hands during this vigilance. As this action contradicts our signature professional demeanor and bond of friendship, please do not take offense or interpret this as a form of disrespect. For this extremely important situation, we are placing health and safety above social courtesies.

We will also be staggering services in order to properly clean and disinfect the common areas between events. We ask that anyone attending a service practice proper hand hygiene and social distancing. We will be limiting meetings with our families to those with scheduled appointments only so that we can clean and disinfect between appointments for your health and safety.

Again, Voss & Sons priority is to protect and serve our community during these difficult times. We appreciate the work of our local health departments, medical professionals and the CDC and will continue to adhere to their guidelines for as long as needed. Thank you for your continued understanding.